Living life through sexual contact in various abstract ways can inform the body to become vigorous and flexible in the increase of creating the form of lust in a bottle that's is an incantation of Love...

I LOOOOVE TATTOOZ AND I LOVE LIGHT SKIN DUDES WITH TATTOOZ .... Hi my name is Jamaica, but you can call me Intimate because i value the art of intimacy between two men or two women and even man and women. I love to explore and become knowledgeable of new things. I love the FUCK out of Chris Brown soooo you will see him alot on my page lol.... Dance is my PASSION its how i express myself channel my anger and fits me into a place in society where i KNOW i matter and really just DGAF what anyone feels or have to say. If you noticed my tattoo witch is my favorite tattoo on my body, because it really expresses how i feel all the times. some of you might can relate but the only one i feel who truly understands me is GOD

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