Living life through sexual contact in various abstract ways can inform the body to become vigorous and flexible in the increase of creating the form of lust in a bottle that's is an incantation of Love...

I LOOOOVE TATTOOZ AND I LOVE LIGHT SKIN DUDES WITH TATTOOZ .... Hi my name is Jamaica, but you can call me Intimate because i value the art of intimacy between two men or two women and even man and women. I love to explore and become knowledgeable of new things. I love the FUCK out of Chris Brown soooo you will see him alot on my page lol.... Dance is my PASSION its how i express myself channel my anger and fits me into a place in society where i KNOW i matter and really just DGAF what anyone feels or have to say. If you noticed my tattoo witch is my favorite tattoo on my body, because it really expresses how i feel all the times. some of you might can relate but the only one i feel who truly understands me is GOD

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Permalink #HappyBirthday to the GREATEST #Artist, #Dancer, #Singer #Actor EVER…. The #King of Pop….  Mr #MichaelJackson 
You are TRULY missed and loved…
No one can EVER compare…
Music just isn’t music with out you my brotha …. #God Bless you Soul and your Family 
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y’all see him tryna take my ear off right πŸ˜’
Permalink Awe….. I want her 😳😍
Permalink The faces I make, to get what I want😌

Especially, When you tell me no 😏
Permalink Stepping out tonight…. #HollywoodBound with my #WCW my baby #Hennessey 
Bitch bad ain’t she 😏 (at North Hollywood, California)
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I told my sister @kamiahadams that she needs to go bacc to this #RedHair and murder these hoes…. But y’all know how little sisters is, they don’t listen πŸ˜’ 
So tell her #Instagram tell her @billi3jr  tell her @carter_thebody tell her @chazsitylashe tell her @miko_rounds …. Somebody tell her
Permalink The gawds have spoken πŸ™Œ hello!
My #WCWs @carter_thebody & @italeelucas
I don’t understand why I’m always attracted to #Gay women… Let me go get a sex change πŸ˜’ cause clearly…. All the REAL gorgeous women are #TeamLesbian (so I just need to join the crew πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’πŸ˜©πŸ˜”)
Permalink Everybody down my timeline in a relationship….

Doing that saaammme bullshit

And I’m just watching πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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